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About the Team

I get by with a little help from my friends

While the show is called Coffee & Cocktails with MC, it is most certainly not just MC who is involved. She has a talented team that are working behind the scenes. They are the ones that make her look so good and ensure that the show is not only informative, but entertaining. Check out the amazing team below, and consider them for your next project.

Photographer & Videographer

MC and Richard have worked together for years. He is a gifted local photographer. You can check him out at Richard Chomitz Lifestyle Photography. For this project, Richard wasn’t even initially supposed to be involved. MC was filling him in on her idea and he quickly volunteered. For Coffee and Cocktails with MC Richard uses his keen eye as the videographer, while capturing still shots with his mad photography skillz.

Coffee & Cocktails photographer & videographer, Richard Chomitz

Richard Chomitz

Coffee & Cocktails resident mixologist, Mixin Mimi

Mimi Evans

Resident Mixologist

Mimi and MC met several years ago when MC attended an event that Mimi was working. Mimi, the owner of Mixin’ Mimi’s Mixology, LLC can pour a libation like no other. She is talented, personable, and a fantastic addition to the team! MC was so impressed with her upon their first meeting, she kept in touch with her and used her for several events over the course of the last few years. So, when this project came about MC just knew that Mimi was the person to pour the cocktails in Coffee and Cocktails with MC. You can look forward to learning her signature cocktails that she will create for many of the interviews.


MC and Adam have known each other for several years. Adam is the voice you hear on the radio when listening to a Bowie Baysox broadcast. He is also part of a weekly podcast. Adam had recalled MC talking about wanting to do something creative that gave her the opportunity to speak to and interview local business owners. Although he knew she had decided to go the video route, he wanted to be involved. So Adam is lending his voice to the video, and is also the reason coffee and cocktails with MC is a podcast as well. You will know his voice when you hear it. As they say, Adam could make the phonebook sound good!

Coffee & Cocktails podcaster, Adam Pohl

Adam Pohl

Coffee & Cocktails webmaster, Anna K. Amendolare

Anna K. Amendolare


Anna and MC met many years ago at a networking event. They immediately realized they had something in common: a mutual love and respect for a fine cup of coffee. For that, and many other reasons, they are good friends and have worked together on several projects. Anna, the creative genius behind aka design,  takes the finished product each week—the taped interview—and ensures that it finds its way to this website, her amazing handiwork. MC likes to joke that, if she looks good online, it is entirely due to this chick. Anna has a unique ability to take someone’s vision, which is often times very incoherent and incomplete, and create a concept and/or piece of marketing that ends up being the exact thing her client saw in their head but could not put into words. Basically, she is a mind reader.

Video Editor

David and MC were actually introduced by another member of the team, Mimi Evans. When Mimi heard that MC was working on a video project, she told her she had the perfect person to help with the video editing. David and MC met and got along famously. He saw her vision and, having been given creative license by MC, works every week to create a finished product that is seamless and appealing from a visual aspect, as well as entertaining to watch.

Coffee & Cocktails video editor, David Russell

David Russell

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