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Adam Pohl, Bowie Baysox

Who knew? The voiceover guy has some things to say, and boy does Adam 'call it!'

Let me first start by openly admitting that I do not even care for baseball. That having been said, my chat with Adam was among one of my most enjoyable and fun conversations thus far. He is so very passionate about what he does and such a sports fan that his energy is contagious and you cannot help but, even if just during the time you are speaking with him, love baseball a little bit too! When we were talking, I learned a lot more about what Adam does in his role with the Bowie Baysox. I also learned what he does during their off season. I promise you, even if you are not a baseball fan, you will enjoy this chat! And, I am also willing to say there might be a chance you would be open to considering attending one of their home games next summer 🙂

Name: Adam Pohl

Business Name: Bowie Baysox Baseball

Email: apohl@baysox.com

Website: baysox.com

Business Address:
4101 Crain HWY
Bowie, M 20716

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

Application: Adam Pohl, Bowie Baysox

How did the idea for your business come about?
Our team was founded in 1993 and has always been the Double-A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.

Describe a typical working day for you.
I basically have a 9-5 sales job and then broadcast 180 sporting events a year between the Baysox and Mount St. Mary's.

What motivates you?
I love to bring the passion and fire of sports to life. It has always given me life. I also love working with a group of people behind the scenes to grow a business. It is a unique gig!

How do you define success?
In a broadcast realm it is holding myself to my own standard and trying to find a way to keep moving my career forward. In a business sense it is continuing to grow my personal sales, being a positive influence on our younger staff and coming up with strategies to increase sales company-wide.

If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be?
My Dad

Why that person?
We lost him when I was 24 years old. So much has happened since. I want him to know my wife, future family, my career and still go to games with him. It's a major hole in my life not having him here. And maybe someone like Abe Lincoln is really cool but maybe they suck. You know? What if you picked George Washington and he was like - I have gotta talk to you? And you are like - Fuck - I could have chosen anyone and this asshat doesn't give two shits!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Away from people I know who really have been let me go with a sporting trio of Joe Gibbs, Cal Ripken and John Thompson. I grew up rooting for them all and they and their teams led me into the life I have now.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
There have been many. But the run to get there and broadcasting from the 2017 NCAA Tournament was probably my greatest thrill. I have called three minor league titles in the Orioles system as well.

In one word, characterize your life as a small business owner.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?
My dream is to get to a place where I can broadcast for a living. But if I don't get there I will be ok.

Will we be drinking coffee or cocktails?

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