C & C w/ MC
Coffee & Cocktails with MC and Tracey Dulany

This unique studio is the ideal spot to visit if you’re interested in creating your own make-up. And, if you need to get your hair done, well, they do that, too!
Check them out, if you want to be involved in making and learning more about the beauty products you use.

Coffee & Cocktails with MC visits Dog Thrive

It’s called Dog Thrive, so, clearly, cat lovers might not appreciate it as much, but if you love “man’s best friend” you owe it to them to send them to either of the 2 locations for for this doggie daycare & boarding provider!

Coffee and Cocktails with MC and Jessica Schwarz

Whether you need a trim or you are a brunette that wants to see if blondes really do have more fun, Illuminate Salon has got you covered.

Coffee & Cocktails - MC and Melissa, of The White Rabbit

There is so much more to this coffee shop than what meets the eye. However, you have to have a keen eye to find them! They are located on the southbound platform of the Odenton train station; definitely worth scoping them out, even if you don’t ride the train!

Coffee & Cocktails host, MC with Whitney Bowles of Crossfit Iniquus

If you are looking to ramp up your workouts in this new year, don’t think outside of the box! Rather, check out this box 🙂

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