C & C w/ MC
February Coffee with MC

Coffee & Donuts We can’t think of a better launch for our first Coffee with MC  than a donut shop! Even better, a local, family-owned business with a focus on hand-crafted delectables. Seriously, have you had their donuts? This isn’t your every day glazed, my friend. These donuts are truly customized and a treat! You wanna have […]

Coffee & Cocktails - Hot Toddy

Today is National Hot Toddy Day! “Medicinal” never tasted so good. I’ll drink to that!

Coffee and Cocktails - Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof – dunno. It’s butter in your coffee. It sounds gross, but it actually tastes pretty good, you can customize it, and there are a slew of (alleged) health benefits. Who knows?

Coffee and Cocktails serves up the perfect mimosa

New Year’s Day is a holiday – let the celebration continue! The classic mimosa hits all our criteria and is great way to start the year off on the right foot.

Your Charming Host

MC Derin, host of Coffee & Cocktails with MC

MC's special ability is putting people at ease and bringing out the best in them during a conversation. She is not above using stimulants to keep the conversation entertaining.

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