C & C w/ MC

About the Show

Coffee & Cocktails with MC was created to give a voice to local small businesses in and around Anne Arundel County.

MC has spent the last several years discovering and promoting local small businesses. It turns out, many small businesses are often underestimated due to their size. Quite simply, many people do not know about these amazing businesses! The YouTube show and podcast allows MC the opportunity to go out into the community and spend time and talk to these small business owners (and people of interest) and showcase what’s so special about them. The hope is that once you learn about these amazing businesses you’ll want to check them out!

There are some amazing and unique businesses and business owners in our community and, if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them and find out what they are all about, Coffee & Cocktails with MC is here to introduce you!

Your Charming Host

MC Derin

MC Derin, host of Coffee & Cocktails with MC Mary Catherine Derin, or MC as she is known to her friends, is your host for Coffee & Cocktails with MC. MC has spent a long time living and working in and around Anne Arundel County and has met some amazing and entertaining people in that time. She tends to get along well with folks because she is not shy: she has no problem striking up a conversation with a complete stranger if she is curious. She has a knack for putting people at ease and bringing out their best in a conversation. She is not afraid to ask anything from the most obvious question to the one that might catch them off guard and get them to reveal a little bit more about themselves. These are the kinds of things that make her interviews interesting and entertaining, and maybe even informative.

Wanna have drinks with MC?

As a Small Business Advocate, MC is committed to highlighting small businesses in and around Anne Arundel County. She seeks out fun businesses, local businesses, off-the-beaten-path business. But, not just businesses ... Are you a person of interest ? Have a special talent? Have something to contribute to the community?

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